THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017, 6:00 PM




Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call

  • Frostbaum, Haggard, Johns, Maziar, Nickles and Porter
  • Settles

Commissioner Nickles arrived shortly after the meeting began at 6:39 p.m..

General Announcements

Staff read the rules and procedures governing the public hearing.

Approval of Meeting Agenda

Commissioner Maziar moved to approve the meeting agenda with a second from Vice Chair Porter, passing with a unanimous voice vote.

Approval of Minutes - April 20, 2017

PC Minutes 4.20.17

Commissioner Haggard moved to approve the Minutes of the April meeting if all members felt that the Minutes were accurate of the discussion on the case heard at the April meeting. Commissioner Johns seconded the motion which passed by a voice vote, all in favor, 6-0-0.

Rezonings and Use Permits


510 Mount Vernon Highway NE & 0 Glenridge Drive (Mount Vernon Presbyterian School)

Request to revise use permit conditions to increase the allowable square footage, reallocate footprints, and redefine enrollment allocation, with concurrent variances.

U17-0001 Final Package

Citizen Brad Gold spoke in opposition to the project with concerns regarding parking while another citizen, Richard Blumenfeld, had concerns related to traffic though not being opposed to the expansion of the school.

Pete Hendricks speaking on behalf of the applicant addressing a vested variance while also stating the landscape plan was approved in 2007. Michael Collins spoke also representing the applicant along with Brett Jacobsen of the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.

The Planning Commission asked for clarification regarding the tennis courts or parking lot or both and if lights would be used for either, especially required for parking but not tennis. Commissioner Maziar asked staff to explain traffic related to normal access on Glenridge possibly alleviating traffic on Mt. Vernon as opposed to emergency only. Vice Chair Porter asked which was a priority - tennis court or parking lot. Commissioner Johns asked if Ashton Woods had provided input while Commissioner Haggard commented on the need to have current traffic studies. Landscape issues and peak traffic times were also discussed.

Vice Chair Porter moved to approve variance 1,4,5,6,7 and deny 2 and 3 with Commissioner Johns seconding but the motion failed by a vote of 1-5-0, Vice Chair voting in favor with the other Commissioners not supporting the motion.

Commissioner Maziar moved to approve use permit per Staff conditions and all variance requests adding a condition that no lights for tennis courts be allowed. Commissioner Nickles seconded the motion which passed by a vote of 5-1-0, with Vice Chair Porter not supporting the motion.  

On-Going Business

Staff informed Planning Commission that TA17-0004 had not moved forward to Mayor and City Council due to revisions. Planning Commissioners noted their comments regarding TA17-0004 were directed back to the Assistant City Attorney, Cecil McLendon. 

Chairman Frostbaum asked for an update on June meetings regarding the Development Code. Staff will email meeting information directly to the Planning Commission regarding all upcoming meeting dates and other pertinent information.

New Business

None heard at this time.

Public Comment

No public comments were offered.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m.

Vice Chair Porter moved to adjourn with Commissioner Haggard seconding the motion which passed by unanimous voice vote.