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The City of Sandy Springs has a number of programs designed to encourage the retention and/or expansion of existing businesses located within the City and to encourage the establishment of new targeted businesses. 

Company Visits

Our team of economic development professionals are ready to assist existing Sandy Springs businesses. Company visits are a great opportunity to create and build working relationships with existing businesses. These introductory visits allow you, as a company, to learn more about the exciting things happening in Sandy Springs, resources available to you at the local and state level, as well as identify potential business networking opportunities. It also allows our economic development team to learn more about your business success and challenges. Some of the topics covered in these visits include:

  • Identifying local and state incentives
  • Site selection assistance 
  • New developments in Sandy Springs
  • Market research
  • Ribbon cuttings
  • Marketing opportunities, outreach and recognition

Contact us today to set up a company visit. 

Local Incentives

The City of Sandy Springs has a number of programs designed to encourage the retention and/or expansion of existing businesses located within the City, and to encourage the establishment of new targeted businesses. See what we have to offer:

  • Expedited Permitting, Inspections and Fee Waivers
  • Opportunity Zone
  • Bond Financing

The City of Sandy Springs offers an Economic Incentive Program to attract new business to our City and encourage the growth of existing businesses. Some of the benefits of this program include an expedited permitting process, a waiver of permit/impact fees and a waiver of business and occupation taxes.

The Incentive Program is available to businesses that create 15 or more full-time jobs (meeting or exceeding the average wage level within the city), and make a real capital investment in a new or renovated building of more than of $1 million. There are three tiers to the Program:


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


Number of New Jobs Created





Amount of Capital Invested

$1 million

$1-$5 million

$5 million +


Number of Years Commitment




Business Occupant Tax Waiver

1 year

2 years

3 years



Project Application for Expedited Permitting, Inspections and Fee Waivers

Incentive requests should be in the form of a letter to the City’s Economic Development Department requesting business incentives to help them locate and/or expand their business. The Economic Development Incentive Policy provides additional information on the City’s incentive program and application procedures. Once the Economic Development Department has received and reviewed the initial application, additional information may be requested.  

Opportunity Zone Tax Credits

The state of Georgia announced that Sandy Springs has been chosen for a program that will help encourage new businesses to locate in the city – or existing businesses to expand here. The Opportunity Zone Job Tax Credit Program, administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, offers the highest tax advantages for companies and is the most user-friendly job tax credit in the state. It allows businesses to apply a tax credit of $3,500 per net new job created against the company’s state income tax liability.

Businesses looking to locate or expand in the designated Roswell Road Opportunity Zone may be eligible for state Job Tax Credits. A minimum of two new jobs must be created. Any business, large or small, located in the zone is eligible for the maximum state job tax credit per net new employee for five years starting the year of the hire. Only two or more net new jobs need to be created in any one year to be eligible (other programs require ten), and there are no restrictions on the type of jobs created.

Most significantly, if the company’s state income tax liability is insufficient to absorb all of the credits, the balance may be taken by retaining employee withholding taxes that would otherwise be paid to federal income tax, so the company gets the full value of the credited dollars. Note that there are flow-through opportunities to pass the credit to partners, shareholders, etc.

Map of Roswell Road Opportunity Zone

For more information, contact the Sandy Springs Economic Development Director.

Bond Financing

The City of Sandy Springs is a full participant in the local tax inducement program coordinated through the Development Authority of Fulton County (DAFC).  The DAFC assists prospective relocating or expanding companies that meet certain criteria by serving as a financing conduit that issues Industrial Development Revenue Bonds that help companies borrow money from traditional lending institutions to finance their relocation or expansion costs.  They are designed to lower the real and personal tax liability on the value of new investments made in Sandy Springs and can provide significant savings. Requirements of this program include meeting minimum thresholds in the areas of job creation, average salary, and fiscal impact. The final authorization to issue bonds rests with Development Authority of Fulton County board of directors.

For more information about this program, contact the SandySprings Economic Development Director.

Georgia Incentives

Georgia offers tax incentives and credits to Georgia businesses through the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDECD). These tax credits give Georgia businesses the opportunity to minimize or even eliminate state corporate income tax. They apply to all qualifying companies, regardless of size that expand in or relocate to Georgia or new to the state. Typically, corporate income tax credits apply to 50 percent of a company’s state tax liability in a given year. But in some cases, they can offset up to 100 percent of corporate income tax as well as payroll withholding liability.

The exact value of the job credits depends on two factors – how many jobs are created, and where Sandy Springs is located in Fulton County, which is designated as a Tier 3 County (based on three factors: unemployment rate, per capita income and percentage of residents whose incomes are below poverty level).  This Tier 3 designation means that a company creating at least 15 new jobs could potentially qualify for a job tax credit of $1,750 per job.

Learn More about Georgia’s Tax Incentives

Workforce/Training Resources

As a business in Sandy Springs, you have the nation’s best workforce within your reach.  Check out our list of organizations in Georgia that offer workforce training and hiring assistance:

·       Georgia Department of Labor:  Offers assistance and information to employers on recruiting, training and re-training tax credits, incentives and labor market information.

·       Georgia Quick Start: Georgia Quick Start. This free service (provided at no charge by the Technical College System of Georgia) has earned the nation’s top ranking and is credited as a key factor in the success of Georgia’s economic development efforts.  Nearly 1 million workers at 6,200 companies of all sizes in Georgia have benefited from Quick Start.  Quick Start provides customized workforce training free-of-charge to qualified businesses in Georgia.

·       Gwinnett Technical College Economic Development Program:  Serving the north Fulton area, they offer customized business training and continuing education courses.

Contact the Sandy Springs Economic Development department for more information on how to connect with these training programs.

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