TSPLOST Last Mile Connectivity


Last Mile Project Overview - general

Last Mile Connectivity addresses multimodal connections within and between activity centers including Perimeter Center, providing people choices other than the automobile for shorter trips, or to connect and complete longer trips. A Public Information Open House was hosted in January 2017 as part of a 3-city study with Brookhaven and Dunwoody.  

The final draft report related to the Last Mile Connectivity Study will be presented to the Mayor and City Council on March 7, 2017  Below are the summary materials:

Last Mile Connectivity Study - Draft Report without Appendices - 2-22-17

Last Mile Connectivity Study - Appendices - 2-22-17

Last Mile Connectivity Study - Full Draft Report - 2-22-17


Below are materials related to the January 26, 2017 Public Information Open House held to provide the community with information and take in feedback and questions related to Last Mile Connectivity - addressing the connections between transit stops/stations or hubs, and final destinations such as residences, offices and retail areas.

Last Mile Public Open House Display Boards - For Online Viewing


Last Mile Open House Overview Presentation

Open House Overview Welcome Handout


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