City Code and Ordinances


Cities refer to the collection of laws that have been passed as the City Code of Ordinances, or simply “City Code”.

An individual law, statute or regulation passed by a city is refereed to as an Ordinance.


The Sandy Springs City Code is accessible on the MuniCode website, a third party vendor. When ordinances are passed to bring about or change laws or regulations, they are sent to MuniCode and the city code is amended.

Zoning Ordinances

In Sandy Springs, Zoning Ordinances are not filed on the MuniCode website. You can find the latest Zoning Ordinances on this website.

Ordinance Archive

The ordinance archive contains both ordinances that change City Code and one-off ordinances that refer to a specific item, for example, the rezoning of an individual plot of land. The archive is ordered by the year an ordinance was passed.

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