Sandy Springs in the Media


Sandy Springs is regularly discussed by national and international news media. Below are some of the stories about our city.



Georgia Municipal Association

June 2014

During its June 2014 annual meeting, the Georgia Municipal Association presented a video on Excellence by Design – how cities are improving, changing and designing to make positive change. The City of Sandy Springs and our City Center project was one of the cities featured.



Fox News: The Independents

May 2014

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul Interviewed on the Fox News The Independents program.



Georgia Town Offers Model for Fixing Cities

August 2013

Services on time, on budget by making government private



Would your kids go home with a stranger?

August 2, 2013

HLN's "Raising America" will host a one-hour special Friday, Aug. 2 at Noon focused on child safety. SSPD Officer Bryan Morgan, who teaches the City's child safety course, provides an on camera demonstration. Bryan's son, Brandon, and Officer Ronald Johnson (filling the role of the "bad guy") also assisted.



Gutted by Government

July 26, 2013

On Friday, July26, Fox News, during John Stossel's program, aired a segment about the troubles in Detroit. Sandy Springs is giving a nod as a city doing things right. (Note that there are a few factual errors.)



The Man Who Outsourced the Government

May 2013

An interview with Oliver Porter.



Mayor Galambos and The City That Privatized Almost Everything

March 2013

Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos discusses Sandy Springs' Public-Private Partnership on InfoWars.



CNN: One City Outsources Most Public Services

March 2013

CNN takes a look at how Sandy Springs is saving money by outsourcing almost all of its public services to private companies.



KBYR Radio, Alaska

March 2013

As the City Anchorage renegotiates its union contracts, Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos discusses the advantages of Public Private Partnerships on the Glen Biegel show in Alaska.



Clark Howard Radio Show

September 2012

Consumer expert Clark Howard praises Sandy Springs' Public-Private Partnership model of government on his nationally syndicated radio program.



Sandy Springs in kaupunki: Ulkoisti Kaikki Palvelunsa

September 2012

Journalist Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko discusses Sandy Springs and its Public-Private Partnership model of government in the September edition of the Finnish Kuntalehti magazine and urges local governments in Finland to consider how our model could be applied there.



Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City of the Future?

August 2012

Sandy Springs City Manager, John McDonough is interviewed by Celeste Headlee on the Take Away.



Government services: Here’s how to do it

July 2012

The Economist takes a look at Sandy Springs' Public-Private model of municipal government.



Radio Télévision Suisse

July 2012

Swiss Public Radio aired a news story about Sandy Springs, followed by an interview with an economist to speak about the replication of Sandy Springs' Public-Private model of government in Switzerland. The audio is in French.



Here & Now Radio Program on 90.9WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station

July 2012

Mayor Eva Galambos is interviewed by Robin Young in a radio segment that looks at the contrast between Cities facing bankruptcy and Sandy Springs’ successful Public-Private model of governance.



Reflections on Georgia Politics

June, 2012

Mayor Eva Galambos was interviewed by Bob Short for one of the University of Georgia’s Reflections on Georgia Politics. The interview will be archived in the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries.



Russia Today's Capital Account

June 2012

Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos is interviewed by Lauren Lyster on Russia Today. The interview takes place 20 minutes into the clip at the 20:02 mark.



640WGST - The Rob and Dave Show

June 2012

Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos is interviewed by Rob and Dave on 640WGST.



Real News From The Blaze: Have We Found A Conservative Utopia?

June 2012

Sandy Springs City Manager, John McDonough is interviewed on the Glenn Beck's TV network, The Blaze.



A Georgia Town Takes the People’s Business Private

June 2012

The New York Times takes a look at Sandy Springs and it's public-private partnership model of government.


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