Existing Buildings


Building owners and /or their designated property manager bear the legal obligation to ensure that their building or tenant space complies with all applicable codes adopted in by the State of Georgia and the City of Sandy Springs. Some of the requirements include readily visible, annual servicing of fire extinguishers, keeping fire lanes clear, ensuring exit lights are working, etc. Additionally, testing of all applicable fire safety systems  such as sprinklers, fire alarm, private fire hydrant, standpipes, fire pumps generators, kitchen hood suppression systems, etc. must be conducted at the frequencies specified by the code. A documentation of such tests must be maintained at the premises and must be presented to fire code officials upon request.

Fire Safety Inspections

Fire inspections are performed to assess and mitigate potential fire and life safety hazards in buildings. A written report of any corrections will be issued to the owner.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Fire extinguishers are required under Georgia Law to be present in every occupancy and “tagged” by a State Certified contractor. The fire extinguishers must be re-certified every 12 months.

Note:  the Multi-Family Housing (Sec 105) and Fire Safety (Sec 22) Ordinances have changed. Please click here to view a copy of the Ordinance. You can click here for general information related to new Fire Safety Requirements that must be met prior to applying for a Sandy Springs Business License.

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