Citizen Volunteer Programs


Part of Sandy Springs’ charm is the community spirit found within the city. Residents love it here and share their passion by volunteering with the City in a variety of different ways.

The Citizens on Patrol program offers interested residents a volunteer opportunity to partner with the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Sandy Springs Police Explorers Youth Program is comprised of young men and women from the ages of 14-21 who wish to learn about law enforcement and SSPD police operations.

For those interested in volunteering with the Fire Department, our CERT program and Citizen Fire Academy provide that civic opportunity.

The Recreation and Parks Department also offers volunteer opportunities through its sports programs and community and special events. The sports programs need volunteers to teach sportsmanship and team awareness. The community and special events looks for volunteers to work with the staff and assist in the planning and implementation of the events. 

The City is also home to numerous community groups that provide valuable services throughout the area.   

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